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Mastering Your Transaction Flow

Transactions range from simple synchronous message exchanges between point-to-point application connections to much more complex asynchronous communications, a sophisticated tracking and monitoring solution is required.

In the latter instance, long-running, multi-step asynchronous transactions transit your IT infrastructure and sometimes cross one or more corporate firewalls. They frequently involve a broker routing the messages associated with a single transaction to many discrete destinations (DBs, servers, apps, mainframes, etc.). And because a message broker is involved, these complex transactions defy standard tracking and analysis via tagging or statistical sampling techniques. The Nastel Platform stitches together complete end-to-end transactions by examining method calls and individual message payload contents, correlating them and presenting intuitive visualizations of any pending or existing breaches in expected behavior and performance.

End-to-End Monitoring

Effective Transaction Monitoring

To be able to effectively monitor a transaction, you must be able to monitor each system that the transaction passes through. If you have gaps in your knowledge, each event will take you much longer to resolve. You will need to call the owners of each system together, and listen to how each systems team is convinced their running within defined SLA’s. These meetings are often referred to as “war room meetings”. And every experienced IT and operations professional will tell you, anything that can be done to avoid war room meetings, should be!

Creating a Complete View of the Enterprise Application
  • You must be able to see inside each system
  • Across every platform, including mainframe, distributed datacenters and clouds.

From mobile apps to enterprise payment systems, digital business services depend upon fast and seamless exchanges of electronic business transactions. When transaction performance lags, business suffers. The Nastel Platform can monitor every form of machine data and tracks, analyzes, and visualizes the status and integrity of every transaction, from end-to-end, enabling fast problem resolution before users are affected.

Nastel Technologies®

Track each Transaction

Visualize each transaction

The Nastel Platform is the most powerful solution available for determining and linking transaction performance to your business performance, in real-time.

Real-time message and transaction flow visualization provides instant awareness of any emerging performance issues that can negatively impact your business.

Discover the pathway a transaction takes

Stitch together all the available information to show the pathway a transaction takes

The Nastel Platform stitches together complete end-to-end transactions across the enterprise correlating user transactions with applications and middleware, from mobile to mainframe.

Across on-premise and multi-cloud environments
  • Distributed Datacenters
  • Mainframe
  • Appliances
  • Blockchains
  • Private Clouds
  • Public Clouds
  • Hybrid Clouds
  • Spanning Multiple Clouds

Analyze the Data

Compare real-time, near-real-time and the historical record

The Nastel Platform provides machine learning based artificial intelligence to analyze the available data and present a visual model of the business. With charting and reports that show the continuous performance of transactions as they run.

In addition, real-time queries can be invoked to see historical performance.

Nastel Technologies®

Track your Messaging Middleware Technology

Nastel Technologies®

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