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Solutions for Retail

Business Critical Problems that Nastel Technologies is Solving for Enterprise Retailers Around the World.


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Retailer Specific Needs

Middleware is essential for building scalable, on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud applications.


Almost every major retail enterprise is using messaging middleware.


You can manage and automate your middleware-powered deployments through your entire business, boost the productivity and overall efficiency of your administrators, engineering, and operations teams to ensure smooth, uninterrupted delivery of mission-critical digital services.


With faster delivery of application updates and new releases and more complete root cause analysis, middleware allows you to comply with complex company governance and global regulations.

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Faster Time to Market (TTM)

Automation & Self-Service allow your whole team to Manage Middleware as needed
  • Admins can become a bottleneck at peak times
  • Middleware doesn't provide secure, private access for developers
  • Cross queue management is very time consuming

Nastel Navigator provides a single pane of glass (SPOG) that allows admins to define security for each user. Each user can manage their queues and messages. Nastel Navigator also provides full automation capabilities, allowing all users to schedule their changes as well as roll back any changes. Admins get a full log of all changes, to simplify audit requirements. This result changes what would have taken weeks to implement, and can now be made in seconds with bets in class reliability, security, and privacy.

Nastel Technologies®

Migrating from
On-Premises to

Changing Platforms or Changing Middleware Variants

Nastel understands the fundamentals of Messaging Middleware. If you are migrating your existing environment to one or more clouds, or you are supplementing your application stack with additional new applications in the cloud, or you are moving from one variant of messaging middleware to an entirely new variant in a cloud environment, we have what you are looking for! The Nastel Platform delivers a consistent method of managing all messaging middleware, across all platforms.

Retailers are always focused on innovation, and with mergers, acquisitions and a focus on leading edge technology, change is always expected.

Nastel is focused on ensuring whatever technology you choose for your messaging middleware, it can be managed.

A mix of cloud, datacenter and mainframe platforms, with IBM MQ, Kafka, IIB and TIBCO EMS, is the new normal in enterprise scale retail. Nastel provides a consistent and complete management platform to fit your needs.

Visualizing Your User's Experience

In retail data is the key to effective and efficient profitability.

The better you can understand your user’s experience, the faster you can change to meet their needs. Nastel’s platform uses the logic you have invested in your messaging middleware platforms, along with the contents of messages to automate the way you can visualize each users engagement. We overlay the performance data of each system that the users engagement passes through to provide a complete view of the experience. Then we go further, and compare the users experience to the historical record, allowing the subtle early indicators of issues to be identified reliably. The result is an additional dimension of understanding of your business.

Using Nastel to Improve Retail User Experience.
  • Ingest all forms of machine data, messaging middleware, logs, streaming data etc.
  • Visualize each user's experience.
  • Overlay each systems performance data.
  • Use machine learning to compare a user's experience to the historical record.
  • Predict outcomes and automate to remediate.

Dealing with Critical Seasonal Peaks

Retail Lives or Dies by the Performance of Critical Seasonal Events. Maximizing Performance During these Times is a Business Fundamental.

Retail is special, you know exactly when your customers will demand service, and the business is architected around these times. All updates must be completed and tested and in production before these seasons start. And during these seasons performance must be flawless. Performance management, problem detection and remediation and availability management must be perfect. Nastel is here to help. We work with many of the worlds largest and most successful retailers to ensure their performance and availability year round, and we know what it takes to deliver when your business is running at its peak.

Nastel Technologies®
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