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Nastel XRay

AIOPs, Transaction Tracking and Analytics – Turning Digital Interactions into Actionable Intelligence. Observability & Monitoring to track transactions and analyze trends. Visualize relationships, find patterns & anomalies, gain intelligence into mission critical IT & business services. Apply machine learning algorithms to predict events, allowing problems to be identified and resolved quickly, dramatically reducing operational risk.


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Nastel Technologies®
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Nastel Technologies®
On-Premises, Hybrid & Multi-Cloud

The Complete AIOps & Observability Solution

Middleware is essential for building scalable,on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud applications.


Use the knowledge you have already embedded in your messaging middleware platforms to visualize how each user’s engagement flows through your entire application stack. Then compare each engagement (transaction) with the historical record to quickly identify anomalies using a wide range of machine learning (A.I.) algorithms to proactively and also predictively identify performance events. Read More

  • Nastel Technologies®
    English Like Query Language
    • Talk to your data in English
    • Deep dive into your data using an English-like query language
    • Quickly turn queries into visualizations
    • See flow the flow of your data across your application stack
  • Nastel Technologies®
    Scalability & Multi-tenancy
    • Scale Nastel XRay with your organization
    • Partition your data into logical data lakes
    • Vertical and horizontal scale to handle high data volumes
    • Clustered architecture, elastic scalability
  • Nastel Technologies®
    Library Of Integrations
    • Make use of our open-source, fully supported library of integrations
    • Collect metrics, logs, and messages from other sources
    • Integrate with ELK, Splunk, OpenTelemetry, CollectD, StatD, and others
    • Build your own integrations as needed
    • Connect to any platform: JMS, Kafka, MQ, MQTT, Web Services, and more
Benefits for Customers
  • Nastel Technologies®

    Full visibility of transactions and IT performance trends to proactively optimize your environment.

  • Nastel Technologies®
    Cut Costs

    Cut Costs By Reducing Incidents – slash the frequency, duration, and impact of incidents with real-time monitoring and automated trending that eliminates false alarms and detects issues before users notice them.

  • Nastel Technologies®
    Business Transactions

    Understand How Transaction Flows Affect Your Business in Real-Time – discover and track transactions, “stitching” or correlating them together in real-time across distributed systems, mainframes and corporate firewalls.

  • Nastel Technologies®
    Root Cause Analysis

    Rapid Root-Cause Analysis – when problems do occur, instantly uncover the root-cause of problems with tracking that provides the visibility and detail necessary to begin immediate remediation.

AIOps, Transaction Tracking and Analytics

Nastel Technologies®
Turn Digital Interactions into Actionable Intelligence
  • Achieve flawless delivery of digital services by tracking digital interactions between applications across servers, containers, VMs, and cloud environments.
  • Discover and track messages and transactions between applications using code and code-less instrumentation.
  • Dramatically reduce operational risk associated with delivering on your multi-cloud digital strategy.
  • Ingest all forms of machine data such as logs, metrics, and transactions.
  • Visualize relationships, find patterns & anomalies, and gain intelligence into your mission-critical digital & business services.
  • Apply a wide range of machine learning algorithms to present a predictive view of events, allowing problems to be identified and resolved quickly.
  • Build your own applications using Nastel XRay REST API.

Track and Trace Transaction and Message Flows

Nastel Technologies®

See how messages flow through your application stack. Do you know where your messages & transactions are?

  • Track message flows across servers, containers, and apps
  • Capture & search through message headers, content
  • Profile your application & find bottlenecks quickly
  • Audit the trail of messages coming in and out of your apps
  • Analyze application usage stats for capacity planning

Visualization and Reporting

Nastel Technologies®

Detailed reporting for various stakeholders — business & technical using your browser or mobile device.

  • Performance reports
  • Analytics & audit reports
  • Alerts, exceptions, hotspots
  • Create your own using ad-hoc reports
  • Web-based, iOS, Android

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