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Solutions for Managed File Transfer

Managed File Transfer (MFTs) must be tracked for regulatory and user experience reasons. If these transfers of data are lost or delayed for any reason, then business processes can grind to a halt. Nastel monitors, understands and maintain MFTs, in real-time.


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The Nastel Platform for Managed File Transfers

Payments and order processing, MFTs are another form of critical business transactions. They depend upon a smooth flow of data across message and file queues, message brokers, apps, DBs, etc.

When this complex orchestration experiences delays (excessive latency) or outright failures, business performance suffers or, in worst-case situations, comes to a halt.

The Nastel Platform is used by many of the world’s largest enterprises to improve the management and monitoring of their managed file transfers.

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Delivering Exceptional User Experience

The Nastel Platform resolves file transfer issues before internal users are inconvenienced and business processes are disrupted.
  • Visibility of individual user requests can be hard to connect across managed file transfers
  • Using traditional support tools to search for specific information inside a MFT can take many hours

The Nastel Platform understands how to interpret the messages on systems either side of the managed file transfer, and can “connect the dots”, to quickly visualize the current state and history of each part of the managed file transfer.

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Visualize the Business

End-to-end view of the business service

Unprecedented visibility into the status of your business. Users can drill down on-demand to the root cause of any problem. This dashboard also displays BizTalk runtime status and performance metrics.

Nastel’s role-based dynamic dashboard provides an end-to-end view of business services, transactions, messaging middleware and applications.

Reduce Business Risk

Transferring any file within an enterprise, especially sensitive data like company sales reports, payroll records, HR profiles, contracts, images, videos, etc. is rarely a simple point-to-point exercise.

In many cases organizations rely upon proven middleware messaging or other third-party technologies to perform the actual transfer of file data across an IT infrastructure. Nastel understands the needs of all stakeholders.

Nastel applies MFT monitoring and diagnostic solutions that fit the needs of:
  • Application owners and support specialists
  • IT Ops and DevOps specialists
  • User support
  • IT admins and developers
  • CTOs, CIOs, and technology liaisons to line businesses
  • Compliance officers
  • Shared services groups
  • NOC (Network Operations Center) personnel
  • Middleware team

Achieve Business Goals

Resolve problems faster and with fewer IT resource demands.

Time is money. The Nastel Platform provides a faster method of identifying the root cause of anomalies associated with managed file transfers. Accurate and fast resolution of support issues improves customer satisfaction while saving money.

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