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Mainframe Middleware

Nastel provides a single Integration Infrastructure Management interface combining all middleware from all platforms, including the mainframe, into a single view.


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Monitoring and Management

Integration infrastructure, almost by definition, involves connecting many different platforms. Technologies such as IBM MQ® are used to connect Linux to Windows to Mainframe and beyond and Nastel’s support of all of these is one reason why it is the number one Integration Infrastructure Management (i2M) company.


Secure Management for Middleware Administrators and Application Teams

Nastel Technologies®
  • A single pane of glass to manage all queue managers on all operating systems
  • Configuration Management at Scale
  • Self-service with role-based highly granular security and auditing
  • Message Management & Testing

Monitoring, Observability, and Alerting

Nastel Technologies®
  • The Nastel Platform combines metrics from the z/OS operating system with the middleware and application metrics to give a complete end to end view
  • Monitor performance, availability, topologies, and message flows
  • See deep inside queues & topics
  • Proactively catch problems and bottlenecks before they impact digital services
  • Monitor queues, topics, message flows, message rates
  • Trigger alerts when problems or anomalies are detected
  • Integrate with ServiceNow, Remedy, Splunk, AppDynamics, and other general-purpose enterprise monitoring and ticketing systems

End-to-End Business Transactions Analytics

Nastel Technologies®

There is gold in the messages going through your integration infrastructure (middleware) environment. The messages contain real business data. Many of Nastel’s® customers perform analytics & alerting on the business itself.

Mainframe Modernization

Nastel Technologies®

As customers look to modernize their mainframes they may move their applications and integration infrastructure from z/OS to Linux on Z or to the KVM hypervisor for IBM Z, they may even be exploiting the power of the mainframe by migrating from tradition Windows and Linux servers. The Nastel Platform can back up your middleware and messages and reproduce them in the new environment and run performance tests.

Supported Middlewares

Nastel Technologies®

In addition to the cross platform technologies such as IBM MQ, Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, Blockchain etc, Nastel supports the following mainframe integration infrastructures:

  • z/OS – System Z – IBM Z
  • IMS – Tracing IBM Information Management Systems (IMS) transactions that have dependencies on CICS and/or WMQ
  • CICS – Customer Information Control System (CICS) is an application server that provides online transaction management and connectivity for applications on IBM mainframe systems under z/OS and z/VSE.
  • Db2 – Transaction monitoring capabilities on System Z for Db2

Nastel is an IBM Registered Business Partner

Nastel is an IBM Business Partner for Sales and Technology Development

Nastel Technologies® Nastel Technologies®
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