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Solutions for Insurance

Nastel Supports Some of the Globes Largest and Most Innovative Insurance Companies.


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Improved Customer Satisfaction and Operational Efficiency for the Insurance Industry

Industry leading insurance providers are implementing the Nastel Platform to ensure they can achieve their strategic goals of providing excellent customer service and improving operational efficiency. The Nastel Platform is used by major insurance providers to enhance operational control and provide a framework for business performance assessment and reporting.

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Claims Processing

When transactions span hundreds of systems, visualizing the whole experience can be complex.
  • The complexity of modern applications can lead to long lead times to discover the root cause of problems
  • When systems use "managed file transfers" the time to discovery of a root-cause can be days.
  • Classic thinking can't solve lead edge problems.

The Nastel platform exploits the intelligence you have already designed to run your messaging middleware systems, and the contents of messages, to discover and visualize the pathway through your entire application stack that your user’s requests took. Nastel then overlays the performance data from each system that the users “transaction” passed through to present you with a visual map of the whole journey. Then Nastel compares this “transactions journey” to that of each transaction captured in the historical record, and it passes this through machine learning AI to identify the early indicators of anomalies and alerts the administrators with advice on what actions can be taken to avoid negative impacts. This additional dimension of understanding makes identifying and solving issues much easier.

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Allowing developers secure and private access to their messaging systems while allowing admins to maintain full control.

The Nastel platform provides a web based portal that is controlled by the shared services administration team, and allows developers full access to just their own assigned queues and messages. This self-service function allows thousands of developers direct immediate access to their own queues without the need to log a service request.

This can reduce the time to delivery for new apps and updates by weeks. Insurance companies find this solution can have an immediate positive impact on the TTM.

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Cloud Migration

Changing Platforms or Changing Middleware Systems

The Insurance industry is renowned for innovation and the ability to pivot almost over night. Nastel understands the fundamentals of Messaging Middleware and exactly what is needed to make rapid changes to support the business. If you are migrating your existing environment to one or more clouds, or you are supplementing your application stack with additional new applications in the cloud, or you are moving from one variant of messaging middleware to an entirely new variant in a cloud environment, we have what you are looking for! A consistent method of managing all messaging middleware, across all platforms.

Support for data-centers, mainframes, public, private, hybrid and multi-clouds.
  • Most companies keep their existing environments and add additional cloud solutions - This requires integration - nastel has you covered.
  • If you are using a mix of middleware (eg. IBM MQ, Tibco EMS and Kafka) Nastel can provide you with a single pane of glass approach to managment.


What Nastel can do to help you manage your Compliance.

If Compliance with your companies governance as well as government regulations is your goal, you need to consider the Nastel platform as part of your solution. By being able to present each user’s engagement (be in a claim, or a need to investigate a specific users account) visually you can quickly provide needed reports, and manage exceptions.

Nastel Technologies®
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