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Services for Implementation

Our Implementation Service offering ensures you will begin realizing the full value of  the Nastel i2M Platform or its components (Navigator, AutoPilot, XRay) as quickly as possible.


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Nastel Implementation Services

Nastel’s formal, phased implementation approach represents best practices cultivated over nearly three decades of hands-on experience.

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Service Package Description

Nastel Technologies®

This offering ensures a fast, smooth, successful implementation, and helps clients quickly take advantage of the Nastel i2M Platform’s capabilities to meet application performance and transaction management needs, and identify opportunities for other ways to benefit from using your investment in the Nastel Platform and its components.

Nastel Technologies®
Best Practices

Nastel shares how similar companies have achieved their goals using established Best Practices Templates and methodologies. The Nastel i2M Platform typically is implemented in hours, and a proven, regimented testing protocol is followed to assure a smooth process.

Nastel Technologies®
A Nastel Consultant:
  • Performs a site preview and assessment
  • Develops an implementation plan and schedule
  • Installs and tests the required Nastel i2M software modules
  • Schedules and manages delivery of training for all of the different levels of the Nastel i2M Platform users
Nastel Technologies®

A training service for all users is normally initiated at the time of initial implementation.

After six to eight weeks post-implementation, a Nastel consultant returns on-site for a “health check-up” evaluation to identify and correct any user errors or misperceptions, and ensure problem-free usage of the Nastel i2M Platform.

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