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i2M for MQ

Integration Infrastructure Management
(i2M) for IBM MQ

The complete management, monitoring, tracking, tracing, reporting, and observability solution for IBM MQ delivering Integration Infrastructure Management (i2M).


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Manage your entire MQ estate from a single screen

Manage multiple MQ queue managers from a single console, cross-platform, cross-instance.
  • MQ demands each server be managed individually
  • Need support in all environments – Cloud, On-Premises Data-Centers, Appliances and Containers
  • Require support for all versions of IBM MQ (MQSeries, WebSphere MQ, WMQ)
  • Require a single tool to manage MQ on all operating systems e.g. Windows, Linux, Unix, Mainframe (z/OS, System Z, IBM Z), iSeries (IBM i, AS/400, OS/400), Java

Nastel delivers a single pane of glass approach to all your IBM MQ instances. With global search, copy, paste as well as scheduling and undo tasks that used to take days of work can now be delivered in seconds.

IBM MQ Management and Monitoring


On-Premises, Hybrid & Multi-Cloud

Monitor your IBM MQ powered deployments through your entire business, boost productivity and overall efficiency of your administrators, engineering and operations teams to ensure smooth, uninterrupted delivery of mission critical digital services.

Nastel Technologies®

MQ Transaction Tracking & Tracing

Discover the pathway a users experience follows, and compare it to the historical record
Visualize the pathway a user’s experience follows through your entire application stack.
Use knowledge you have already built into MQ to provide an additional dimension of understanding.
  • Trace the pathway of each transaction (or event)
  • Track each transaction, comparing it to the historical record
  • Overlay performance data from each system or component
  • Report on any anomalies
Nastel Technologies®

Secure Self-Service Configuration Management

Provide developers and QA teams with the ability to manage their own middleware environments

Many organizations need their developers and QA teams to be able to manage their own messaging queues and messages.


This provides faster time-to-market (TTM) for updates and new applications, and ensures adherence to governance and compliance policies.


To deliver this Nastel provides the ability for the middleware administration team to setup privacy and security to allow each developer or team access to just their own queues.

Nastel Technologies®

Support For All Form Factors of IBM MQ

The Nastel Platform supports all form factors of IBM MQ including on-premises software, cloud-hosted, containerized, and the IBM MQ Appliance.

  • The Nastel software can work with a local agent or agentless. In the case of the appliance, the agentless mode is used to provide access to all the MQ metrics and management.
  • Traditionally MQ experts know all about queues and channels and the details of MQ. The hardware that it runs on is supported by infrastructure specialists who know about power usage, fan speeds, networking, etc. In the case of the appliance, the two are combined, so the MQ support people also need to be aware of the infrastructure monitoring. The Nastel Platform collects this additional detail and puts it all into a single view with explanatory help to empower the MQ administrators to support the complete appliance.
Nastel Technologies® Nastel Technologies®
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