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i2M for IBM CP4I

Solutions for IBM CP4I
IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

Nastel Navigator X enables you to realize the full benefits of IBM Cloud Pak for Integration (commonly abbreviated to CP4I), by securely managing & migrating your middleware and delivering Business & IT observability & alerting on transactions as they pass through CP4I as well as through another hybrid cloud integration technologies and applications.


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What is IBM CP4I?

IBM Cloud Pak For Integration is a hybrid integration solution that provides an automated and closed-loop lifecycle across multiple styles of enterprise integration. With IBM Cloud Pak for Integration, companies can speed integration development by 300%, reduce costs by more than 33% and maintain enhanced security, governance, and availability.

IBM CP4I Tools

CP4I Features

Nastel Technologies®
  • Package of integration products IBM MQ, ACE/IIB, DataPower, Event Streams (Kafka), API Connect, Aspera
  • Licensing – you can move from MQ on-prem to MQ in the cloud to Kafka and reallocate your licensing without paying more
  • Red Hat OpenShift – CP4I runs on IBM’s container platform, enabling you to move your application and middleware from on-prem to cloud without rebuilding, etc.

Secure Middleware Management & Migration

Nastel Technologies®

Reduce the risk of migrating your middleware to CP4I. Nastel Navigator X provides secure automated administration for IBM MQ, Apache Kafka, IBM Event Streams, IBM Integration Bus, and IBM App Connect Enterprise.


It delivers a much higher level of granularity of access control than out-of-the-box products. This security enables the application teams to see and work on their environment without any risk of affecting anyone else. Locking it down actually opens it up. This removes the middleware team from being a bottleneck in application development and support and means that finance products can be delivered to the market faster.

Monitoring, Observability, and Alerting

Nastel Technologies®
  • Monitor end-to-end performance, availability, topologies, and message flows across CP4I and beyond!
  • See deep inside queues & topics
  • Proactively catch problems and bottlenecks before they impact digital services
  • Monitor queues, topics, message flows, message rates
  • Trigger alerts when problems or anomalies are detected
  • Integrate with ServiceNow, Remedy, Splunk, AppDynamics, and other general-purpose enterprise monitoring and ticketing systems

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