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Use the full functionality of Nastel’s Integration Infrastructure Management software for free!


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Continuous Performance Regression Testing for CI/CD.Run performance benchmarks on Java applications, identify increased response times and decreased throughput, and ship higher-quality code.

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Full life-cycle management for Apache Kafka, IBM MQ, IBM IIB/ACE & Tibco EMS. Browser-based administration to reduce operational risk with automated audited deployment & secure self-service configuration management at scale.

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Transaction tracking and message tracing for IBM MQ, Apache Kafka, and more! Business and IT operational application performance monitoring, observability, analytics & alerting to achieve SLAs, problem diagnostics and root cause analysis, regulatory compliance, and Management Information.

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How fast is your MQ environment?
Record the speed of synthetic transactions through IBM MQ

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Gain visibility into your Java apps with bytecode instrumentation to track calls such as HTTP, Web Services, JDBC, JMS, Sockets, WebSocket, IO Streams, Kafka, and other inter JVM/IPC communications. Connect and correlate calls and messages across the JVM.

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