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Solved Admin & Security Issues Associated with Capital Markets Trading Infrastructure

The implementation of Nastel AutoPilot ® at specialist bank and asset manager Investec for their Corporate & Institutional Banking (ICIB) business units in South Africa and the U.K.

Problems & results

Solved administration and audit challenges

Implementated Nastel AutoPilot ® at specialist bank and asset manager Investec for their Corporate & Institutional Banking (ICIB) business units in South Africa and the U.K.

Key results

ICIB trading and treasury operations span FX trading, equity derivatives trading, equity derivatives sales and structuring, interest-rate trading, money market, and other financial products. Trade origination messaging traffic represents 133,000 daily transaction flows—involving settlements, CRM, ECM (Enterprise Content Management), payments, and reconciliation applications, relies upon a middleware messaging backbone in a distributed systems environment.

Oversight of the IT infrastructure and key applications
Delivered using Nastel AutoPilot ®
IBM Integration Bus (IIB)

International , Multi-department middleware messaging

According to Jason Ho, ICIB Infrastructure Manager (South Africa), in 2016 the ICIB DataServices team was enduring administration and audit challenges. Visibility into overall transaction flows across mission critical applications was missing, along with in-depth tools for operational monitoring and management capabilities for their middleware stack. In addition, a foolproof means of accessing message payloads and tracking wayward transactions was needed. From a compliance perspective, the lack of a comprehensive message audit capability to satisfy both internal and external auditors represented a pressing operational risk.

To address Investec’s challenges and assure high availability and reliability of transactional functionality, which is the foundation of their capital markets trading and other processes, a fast implementation of a robust highly scalable solution was needed. The bank engaged Blue Turtle Technologies, a respected South African technology consulting firm with a vendor agnostic approach to solutions. After a survey of all available options, Nastel’s AutoPilot ® was selected to replace several well-known APM vendors and freeware products. Nastel AutoPilot ® delivered missing in-depth message tracking and application monitoring, covering middleware management and audit compliance capabilities, plus an integrated single-pane-of-glass view of all critical metrics and functions. Along with fault detection, problem resolution, and reporting tools, Nastel AutoPilot ® with its built-in analytics also provided proactive round-the-clock alerts via SMS text and email.

At Investec, high availability and reliability is absolutely critical because of the amount of money each transaction carries within our integrated trading environment. Nastel AutoPilot ® plays an instrumental role ensuring these transactions are delivered on time, with any breaks in continuity caught and corrected instantly. With Nastel AutoPilot ®, the middleware infrastructure supporting our trading operations runs securely, efficiently, effortlessly, and we meet the stringent data security requirements of internal and external auditors,

said Jason Ho, Infrastructure Manager at ICIB.

Nastel Technologies®

Following on the success of the Nastel AutoPilot ® implementation in South Africa, Investec Bank plc UK has chosen Nastel AutoPilot ® to monitor their middleware infrastructure across the Corporate & Institutional Banking (ICIB), Wealth & Investment and Asset Finance business units. Within ICIB UK Nastel AutoPilot ® is used across IT functions covering Enterprise Service Bus, SWIFT and Meridian payments systems. This provides crucial oversight of the IT infrastructure and key applications (supporting trade and payments systems). These are high transaction value systems and in-depth visibility into applications including IBM MQ and IBM Integration Bus estate is crucial to supporting the business.



Investec provides financial products and services, imbued with a personal approach, to a select client base in three principal markets: the UK and Europe, Southern Africa and Asia-Pacific. Investec was founded in South Africa in 1974. Investec entered the UK in 1992, and have since expanded through a combination of substantial organic growth and strategic acquisitions.

Jason Ho
Infrastructure Manager, Investec ICIB Data Services Team.
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