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Intelligence from Integration

  • The world’s #1 i2M (Integration Infrastructure Management) platform
  • Complete observability & monitoring of your integration infrastructure (i2) with 360° Situational Awareness®
  • Securely manage & automate configuration, administration & deployment
  • Track, trace & analyze transactions, messages and flows
  • Collect, monitor and benchmark performance

Who is Nastel Technologies?


Products & Solutions

i2M (Integration Infrastructure Management)

  • Manage & automate middleware deployments with secure self-service configuration management.
    Secure your middleware whilst improving productivity & time to market for i2 administrators, developers and operations teams to ensure uninterrupted delivery of digital services.
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    Nastel Technologies® Nastel Technologies® Nastel Technologies®
  • Track and trace messages across queues, topics, VMs, servers. Automatically discover message flows, measure latency.
    Dramatically reduce operational risk associated with delivering on your multi-cloud digital strategy.
  • Monitor your entire middleware, platforms, and applications. Capitalize on messaging middleware intelligence with 360° Situational Awareness®.
    Ensure the performance and reliability of business-critical enterprise & cloud applications.
  • Discover performance limitations of algorithms, APIs, libraries, web services, cloud-end points, microservices.
    Ship 10x code reliably and consistently. CyBench includes integrations into your development lifecycle.
Manage Your Middleware Anywhere

Cloud Migration & Hybrid Cloud

Manage and automate your middleware-powered deployments through your entire business, boost productivity and overall efficiency of your administrators, engineering and operations teams to ensure smooth, uninterrupted delivery of mission critical digital services.

Nastel Technologies®
  • Nastel Technologies®
    Manage 01

    Securely manage your entire integration infrastructure (i2) including messages directly from your web browser. Automatically discover and configure your messaging middleware, deploy configurations, and track changes across your middleware estate.

  • Nastel Technologies®
    Monitor 02

    Monitor your integration infrastructure, track message flows across all your integration points. Monitor performance and latency for all messaging artifacts such as queues, topics, producers, consumers, and communication channels.

  • Nastel Technologies®
    Automate 03

    Automate configuration changes, application deployments across your middleware. Schedule changes and actions, automate responses to common problems and faults. Integrate deployments with your DevOps CI/CD process and accelerate application roll outs.

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